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What are the Best Laptops for Graphic Artists?


Graphic design is not an easy task so this is why we are sharing some best laptops for Graphic Artists in order to help them to make their work easy. It requires an individual to have the knowledge to operate software and hardware in the right manner. In this modern digital day and age, features of hardware, such as laptop have become increasingly important especially for graphic designers.

Graphic artists need to maintain a balance between weight, mobility, portability, performance and a number of additional features. Fortunately, laptop producers have started manufacturing their products according to different categories. Now we have the best laptops for graphic artists that can help professionals to enhance their work.

These selections are made on the basis of overall performance, processor power, RAM, size of the screen, keyboard, touchscreen and the battery life of the laptop. Here are top 5 of them.

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple products are immensely popular amongst all the graphic designers due to its brand name and operating system. Its 16 GB RAM and Intel i7 Quad Core processor make it an ideal option for most of the graphic artists. However, this laptop is not for avid Windows user. It may take time for them to get used to it.

Even though it doesn’t have USB ports, the overall design makes it pretty favourable amongst graphic designers. In a nutshell, it is a pleasure to work with this product.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Even though the screen size of this product is smaller relative to other devices, the performance it offers is exceptional. The i7 processor makes it the right choice if you want to create digital sketches and graphics. Furthermore, it is a highly portable device that can be converted into a tablet whenever you want to. One can prefer the earlier models if you want to save some money.

Dell XPS 15

Dell has always been popular for producing cost-effective machines. But it has recently entered the realm of graphic design and has still managed to produce a relatively cheaper product. Running on an i7 processor and 16 GB RAM, this machine delivers one of the best performance in the market. It comes with a number of ports such as USB, HDMI, SD and Thunderbolt. It grants you sweet performance at a sweet price.

Lenovo Flex 5

This is another combination of affordable price and outstanding quality featuring i5 processor and 8GB RAM. It is not as good as the three options mentioned above, Lenovo Flex 5 is still considered one of the best options graphic designers can purchase. This is a perfect choice if you have just begun your graphic design career.

Dell Inspiron 13.3

Another product of Dell has featured into the top 5 list of best laptops for a graphic designer. The main factor that makes this option stand out is its mobility and probability. It had the perfect display being the best combination of performance and portability. In fact, it is considered the best option for graphic designers who travel a lot. Nevertheless, it can even be used by other professionals as well.