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How to produce a great hip hop song?


There is no one precise way to form a great hip hop song. Looking for shortcuts has led to creation of low quality music that we often come across. Inspiration, passion and the right of thought are some important elements in creating a song that audience loves.

Experienced composers have already a creative mindset. They undergo basic processes in order to get a result that is loved by their audience. Even though one can use services like HiFiBeats to get assistance, here are the basic steps one must follow in order to produce a great hip hop song:

Beat selection

When it comes to hip hop songs, beat is the very first thing noticed by the listener. If beat is nowhere near appealing, listener will tune out. Beat is imperative in deciding the mood of the song. Furthermore, make sure that beat is selected from the catalog that have high-quality professionally made beats. One cannot emphasize more on the importance of this step since it can make or break your song.

Concept planning

This is another step that holds immense value in overall creation of hip hop song. This may even be the first step that for artists in the production process. They plan the song concept first and then select mood of the beat accordingly. Sometimes beat is selected first and the concept is chosen accordingly. Concept planning establishes the general message of the song. It is the basic idea that enables you to communicate with the listeners.

Writing process

After establishing the concept, begin with the writing process. Lyrics are the body or the substantive part of the song. It consists of two parts: hook and the chorus. Hook that comes after the beat is the main thing that listeners remember most about the song so make sure it is in line with the concept. Once you have got your hook, begin writing verses. This is where you can get more into detail and explain the story. Make sure to be as descriptive as possible.


Once the song is written, move towards the recording aspect. The first and foremost thing is to find a good place where you can record high quality music. Make sure all the required equipment is available. Also look for someone who knows who to operate the tools. However, some artists manage to have the greatest lyrics ever but fail to deliver their message properly. It is important to have the required energy, precision and passion or else audience will not listen to you.


This is the final step. Once a great song is written and recorded, put the finishing touches by mixing. Since each step is as important as other, one can have a great song but it cannot reach its highest potential if not mixed properly. Mixing consists of dynamic processing, setting levels and adding effects so that each and every layer of song fits together in a seamless manner.