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Tips to make your voice sound deeper


Voice is been used every minute without even realizing it. Oral movements are pursued for expressions of ideas and thoughts. Organs such as lungs and vocal cords are used to translate basic tones into decodable sounds.

Communication through verbal means is of the essentials of our lives. It has a significant impact on our impression towards others. Therefore, having a low, deep and pleasant voice has an influential impact.

Having a deep voice means getting more attention and money and studies are indicative of the fact that deep-voiced men are more preferred by the women at large. Hence, here are some tips to make your voice sound deeper:

1. Analyze speech

People generally speak without realizing about its way. Get familiar with it by recording the voice and listening it on regular basis. Speak while standing in front of the mirror to pay more attention on the voice. Having a better understanding of how you speak can eliminate vocal mistakes and enable in getting a better control of the depth. You can visit como engrossar a voz to get a better idea on this aspect.

2. Proper breathing

Knowing how to control breath can be a solution to a number of problems. Breath has a direct relation with the way one speaks and how the body reacts to stress. Training to breathe can make an individual more relaxed. Mediation and physical exercise can help a lot with this concern. It opens up the chest and helps with breathing deeper.

3. More volume in low registers

It is of paramount importance to stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself for a couple of minutes irrespective of word are being used. Then hum deeply from the throat. Chin must be pointed toward the chest which will warm up the voice. Raise the chin gradually and speak with that humming voice. Also make sure you breathe from the diaphragm.

4. Strengthen the neck muscles

When a person is stressed, the voice usually gets higher. The reason behind this is that neck tightens up due to more stress. This pulls the vocal cords. This is a norm in our daily routine. This can be fought easily and keeping the voice as nice as possible. To strengthen the neck muscles, lie on the back with head hanging off the bed. Then lift the head up tucking the chin in. 3 sets of this must be done with 10 reps each. This will have a positive impact on your voice.

Here were some of the ways in which voice can be deepened. However, voice alone is not enough. It works in conjunction with speech, which means a person is supposed to speak more dynamically. It is also important to speak from the mouth and not your nose. Sound coming out of nose is weak and doesn’t appear to be good. This is something that every individual aiming for a perfect voice must work on to get the desired results.

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